Public Education Needs Community Involvement & Leadership

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PENCIL is a non-profit organization that creates strategic partnership links between community groups and the resource needs of Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS). We are one of the nation’s largest networks of businesses, universities, faith-based organizations, and volunteers engaged in public schools. With more than 800 PENCIL Partnerships directly affecting students and teachers every day, we believe that community involvement is the key to students’ academic success.

PENCIL Partners
We work to bridge the gap between the philanthropic and volunteer desire from the community and the support MNPS needs to advance educational goals. PENCIL staff researches, recruits, links and maintains the relationships between the community and schools ensuring a positive experience for all students and volunteers involved.

PENCIL Partners support education in three major ways:



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PENCIL Partners conduct drives at their organizations for new school supplies and donate everything to our store where teachers can stock up FREE OF CHARGE. Partner volunteers process all donations as well as help staff the store.

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Academy PENCIL Partners


Academy PENCIL Partners

Career Academies within high schools were created with workforce-specific focus areas such as finance, health, engineering and technology in 2007. PENCIL matches our partners within the industry areas of focus to the appropriate school and the partner then provides students with a real-world connection to relevant career opportunities.

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Literacy PENCIL Partners


Literacy PENCIL Partners

PENCIL utilizes its vast network of PENCIL Partners to recruit, train and foster a large base of volunteers deployed into MNPS Reading Clinics for one-on-one student tutoring. Tutors are paired with students and work once a week for at least eight weeks on a robust curriculum that is proven to provide direct results in student literacy growth.

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