PENCIL and its Board of Directors are committed to supporting public education WITHin our community and across the nation. We have an obligation to share the success of the work we do in Nashville And we know we will continue to improve our work by teaching others.

PENCIL offers consulting services to communities across the nation that are interested in building a network of strong partnerships within their school district. 


PENCIL's consulting services offer a variety of experiences, which include: 

  • Learn how PENCIL recruits, trains and retains Partners that align with local school needs

  • How to build Powerful Partnerships: The PENCIL Partner Continuum

  • Observe authentic Partnerships in action: Shadow a PENCIL Partner Manager

  • Customized digital training that fits your organization's needs

For more information, contact Bob Kucher, Vice President of Programs and Partnerships


National Career Academy Coalition - NCAC 21st and 22nd Annual Conference

PENCIL presented on Building Strong Business and Community Partnerships during the NCAC’s 21st and 22nd Annual Conference. Participants learned how to successfully onboard a business or community partner from intake to placement.

Utilizing the PENCIL Partner life cycle model, participants discovered how to build and nurture sustainable partnerships. PENCIL Partnership core competencies provided insight on how to define, recruit, and retain partners. 

“I gained a tremendous amount of information from PENCIL’s pre-session. Actually, I found it to be invaluable. I can’t thank PENCIL enough for being so willing to share and communicate their structure, ideas, and advice.”


“I was immediately impressed by the dense, fast-paced and professional presentation by the PENCIL team. This was tremendously useful, especially for someone who is new to the career academy concept.”

-Andrea Stephens of Missoula County Public Schools (Montana)


Lexington, KY - Fayette County Public Schools & Commerce Lexington

Members from Fayette County Public Schools and Commerce Lexington visited PENCIL for an all-day training session. Clients began the day with a PENCIL 101 session, which covered topics such as building powerful partnerships (recruit, intake, and onboard) and the PENCIL partnership continuum (engage, facilitate, measure, celebrate).

During this time clients were able to ask questions and engage in their own learning process. Following this session, the group visited with an Academy Coach and shadowed an authentic partnership meeting.

After the initial session, a PENCIL representative traveled to Lexington twice to help on-board the team into the Salesforce CRM platform, which makes it possible to more effectively manage and track Partnership relationships as they move through the continuum. A dynamic collaboration between PENCIL’s representative and the Lexington team allowed for the adaptation of software to manage specific needs. The two sessions allowed the Lexington team to begin tracking partnership interactions as they build intentional relationships in the community.

"I truly enjoyed the in-person meetings with potential business partners. It was a great experience to see the conversations happen live and in person."

-Anonymous Member of Lexington Team

“We are very excited to begin using Salesforce as our team’s primary data collection platform for community and business partnerships within the Academies of Lexington!" 

-Natalie Shepard of Commerce Lexington

Bartow, FL - Polk Vision

Akron, OH - Akron Public Schools and the United Way of Summit County

Members from Akron Public Schools and the United Way of Summit County visited PENCIL from Akron, OH.

Similarly, clients began the day with a PENCIL 101 session, visited with an Academy Coach and later observed an authentic partnership meeting.

"I loved seeing actual meetings and job shadowing Bob! The community investment tracking tool was great and I cannot wait to learn more."

-Anonymous Member of the Akron Team

Members from the Polk County School System along with community leaders attended a PENCIL Lunch and Learn organized by Polk Vision.

"The real time scenarios and outcomes heightened the awareness of what is possible and permitted participants to create a new innovative paradigm about industry partnerships with education, schools, and community."

-Anonymous Member of the Polk Vision team

Honolulu, HI – Department of Education & Community Partners

Beloit, WI - School District of Beloit & Community Partners

Members from Beloit Public Schools and the business community gathered to learn more about building powerful business partnerships within the community. One of the main focus points embraced the concept that Public Education Needs Community Involvement and Leadership and how to accomplish that in the most effective and meaningful way.

"I really appreciate PENCIL's clean and clear messaging and love the infographics. The organization is top-notch."

-Anonymous Member of the Beloit team

Members from Hawaii State Department of Education, Harold K. L. Castle Foundation, Hawaii P-20 Partnerships for Education, Chamber of Commerce Hawaii and Kaua’i Planning & Action Alliance assembled for a Work-Based Learning Workshop.

The organizations collaborated and learned how powerful partnerships can impact the success of students.

Forsyth County, GA - Forsyth County Schools and Community Partners

Douglas, GA – Douglas County School System & Community Partners

Members from Douglas County School System, Partners in Education (PIE), Douglas County Chamber of Commerce and Douglas County Education Foundation traveled to PENCIL to collaborate and learn about building powerful partnerships.

“Our visit to PENCIL was AMAZING! Any school looking to add or re-vamp their partners in education program, must start with a visit to PENCIL. Bob was a wealth of knowledge and ideas. He is the new BFF of Douglas Co!”

-Anonymous Member of the Douglas County team

PENCIL Consulting made its way to Forsyth County, GA, where members of Forsyth County Schools, Cumming-Forsyth Chamber of Commerce and Forsyth County Public Library gathered together to discuss strong community partnerships in schools.

“[The consulting work] showed me alternative ways business can focus on community.”

- Anonymous Member of Forsyth County