Support PENCIL, Honor Teachers

Every day, Nashville's children benefit from the exceptional teachers and staff who motivate, educate and inspire them to be the best they can be.

At PENCIL, we work hard to help teachers in this grand endeavor by recruiting and connecting community partners with Metro public schools to add much-needed resources to classrooms.

Whether a PENCIL Partner is tutoring students, collaborating on lesson plans to bring the real world into the classroom or collecting and providing supplies – they are supporting teachers and the teacher's impact on their students. 

PENCIL honors and supports teachers every day! Will you join us? 

Gallery of Honored Teachers: 

Ms. Norma Yoos, honored by A. DeCuyper

"Norma Jean makes an extra special effort to help advance all of her students, not just in academics but in social skills, language skills along with interacting with her students' parents. That's a powerful combination that takes dedication." -A. DeCuyper

Mr. Thomas Burns, honored by K. & C. Taylor


Ms. Ellen Lett, honored by S. Harris

"Being from a military family, I was perpetually the new kid. With that much change in your life, memories of people tend to get blurry and some eventually fade away. Fortunately for me, a wonderful Language Arts teacher named Ellen S. Lett made an indelible impression on me. Ms. Lett modeled for me the art of communication and the power of words – that the right word in the right place at the right time is powerful." -S. Harris