Record Breaking Attendance at 2018 Summit

Another year, another fantastic Summit completed! We had a record breaking number of guests for this year's event. Guests were given the opportunity to learn from and network with other businesses, educators, and organizations that share the passion for serving Metro Nashville Public Schools. Featured sessions included: 

  • PENCIL 101

  • Strategies for Engaging Young People

  • Elementary Partnerships

  • Academies 101

  • Full STEAM Ahead 

  • Partnership and Community Schools

  • Engaging with English Language Learners

  • Making the Most of Experiential Learning

  • Student Voice: Partnerships from a Student Perspective

  • Partnership for Industry Certifications

  • Best Practices for Recognition of Volunteers

  • Reading Role Models in Elementary Classrooms

    Thank you again to Deloitte for making this wonderful event possible yet again!